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Mentor, Coach, Consultant, What is the Difference?

I personally define myself as being a mentor/business coach.  My thoughts are your thoughts and I am able to help you break down the barriers that are holding you hostage in your business. 

Coaching is asking a lot of questions and helping you peel the layers to find the answers yourself.  Whereas mentoring is working together to peel the layers by asking questions, understanding obstacles, and determining what will help you to become more focused on what you need to do instead of making you figure it out.

When I finally admitted that I was a business coach, it was hard.  I had never seen myself as a coach, but more of a team leader who was leading and helping others to attain a team goal.  I had never looked at myself as being in charge or leading, but I was oftentimes training and educating teams internationally.


Years later I was intrigued and hired a business coach who was newly certified as a coach.  Our conversations had a lot of uncomfortable questions that I was unable to answer.  I would beat myself up because I felt like I had no credibility not being able to answer simple questions about what I wanted in my business.  What my goals were and actions on how I could get there.  It was so hard for me and embarrassing.  I had learned to say.  That is a really good question.  I will have to think about that this week.  By the time I left, the question didn’t cross my mind again until we were sitting there and the same question came up.  Sometimes I faked an answer, sometimes I knew the answer by then. 

Even though I didn’t really think about the questions, they were triggered and I was setting actions into place without realizing what I was doing.

Mentoring is natural to me.  It is a conversation between two people who are working together to create an action plan that will generate results.  Oftentimes, there are barriers or brick walls that are preventing the next step.  You can see the goal, know what the results will be, but cannot seem to grasp the missing piece that will break through.  The dialogue is simply talking about the challenges and what is needed to break through.  These are the conversations that bring the most success for entrepreneurs because they know what they want and need a snippet to the next step. 

A business consultant is just what it sounds like.  A coach or mentor who comes into a business or non profit and looks at the overall picture of the organization and is able to suggest changes that may create more revenue or generate morale and/or improve overall structure.  A business consultant can look at the employees and know the producers, the slackers, the instigators and the troublemakers.  Their eagle-like knowledge is essential especially when changes or restructuring is needed to move a business to the next level of the high performance business plan.

All three of these professionals are essential to any organization because an outsider looking in can often see where there are gaps.

At Connecting Visions, my focus is helping small business owners create a business model that will fulfill their dreams.  A plan starts as a dream and eventually has a call to action to be successful.

If your small business is struggling to have a plan that keeps you pedaling weekly with no definable results, perhaps it is time to talk to someone who is willing to help you with your ideas and bring them to the table.

My goal is to be your business coach, mentor and consultant with results through conversation.  I work with people who want to change and are ready to see results.  

Some of My Published Works

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