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Candles, candles and more candles

Going back to the past to reflect is something we ask people not to do.  The meme’s show rearview mirrors, side view mirrors and a dusty road behind us saying “your past is not in your future.”  For me, the past is my future when it comes to candles. 

Connecting Visions started as a vision to help people change their lives and candles was the conduit to that for me.  Twenty three years ago, I was sitting at a direct sales party comparing one candle company against another in fragrances, scent throw, style and more.  But what I didn’t know was one company had a party plan and the other did not have a party plan.  All that I had known was store outside of my hometown and getting candles online was not an option and I lived a few states away.


The next party, I was convinced to have my own party.  I was really unhappy because I felt like I had been forced to have a party by a pushy consultant.  Looking back in that rearview morning, I know that I wasn’t pushed, had an arm twisting or anything else.  I was asked and I said yes to a party.  I had the option to say no, but I didn’t because I really did want to help my friend. That was the night that changed my vision.  I found out my favorite candles had a party plan and I dived in head first.

Why I am telling you my story?  Because candles have literally changed my life.  I have sold for three candle companies and Mia Bella’s is by far my favorite candle.  I loved the other two companies I worked with, but I am in love with Mia Bella’s because they align with my healthy lifestyle.

Mia Bella Garet Color-Tag.png

Mia’s Bella’s uses palm wax which is sustainable, no toxins, a toxic UVA  protectant to avoid fading from outdoor use and cotton wicks.  For years, I needed to educate people on how to burn and put out their candles.  Now I tell them to blow them out and trim the wicks with their fingertips.  Yes, you can reread that sentence.  Funny, how the type of wax and cotton wicks changes everything. 

The family owned business is so transparent, they have no secrets.  They are a give back company that greatly enriches the lives of others and actively seek opportunities to give back as often as they can.  Not once a year or only focus on a larger organization.  They look for small local organizations that are supporting small and local.  And as a bonus, usually two organizations receive funds from our sales.  And as a bonus, usually two organizations get recognized, the one the company has chosen and one that a Distributor has chosen. Ideally, I want everyone to experience Mia Bella’s and I encourage you to Ask Google, "Is Palm Wax is safe to burn".  See the answer for yourself and I’ll let you decide if you want to burn a Mia Bella’s. 

Mia Bella’s has changed the way I look at candles and I want to introduce you to the company who enabled me to leave my full time corporate job and enjoy life again with a passion.  Mia Bella’s can be found here at

If you are looking for an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle, raise funds for sports, trips, events or non-profits, do something different and fun, not feel guilty about selling a product that is not as clean as you would like or none of the above, but want to burn candles or smell wax melts, I am your smelly friend.  Follow me to the smell that changed everything and gave me back my joy.


Raise Funds With Mia Bella’s Natural Wax Candles

Alayna Stiffler

Mia Bella’s, Independent Fundraising Specialist, Distributor, Leadership Consultant

Mia Bella’s


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2024 Spring-Summer Fundraising Flyer-images-0.jpg

From Penny L

During this Time of year I’m not too bothered by bugs. Primarily due to the fact that I cover myself all over with bug spray. The bugs give me a wide berth, and make sure not to bother me.  

After working in my yard for hours I was overheated and soaked to the skin.

I went inside and took a cool shower, dressed and went onto the front porch to relax as dusk settled in.  I lit my “bugs-no-more” candle and sat for over an hour with not one bug bothering me, or my two dogs!

The smell was splendid and the sound of the night was wonderful knowing the word had gone out!

“That lady on the porch is burning a Mia Bella’s “Bugs-no-more” candle!”

Too relaxing!  Thanks for relaxing evenings!

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