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Kind Words

Leadership Vision Board Retreat with Private School Owner and Local, State & National Representatives/Candidates in NC

"I have known Alayna Stiffler for about four years.  We both served on the Board of Directors for FailSafe, a nonprofit organization that helps those returning from prison to establish a safe and rewarding life, as well as to focus efforts on prevention of crime.  I am Chair of the Board of Directors.


I feel that the most significant traits of a person are character, competence and compassion.


Alayna possesses outstanding character.  She always takes the high-road in any situation, and can be depended upon to look at each situation objectively.


As for competence, I observed her contributions to FailSafe both as a Board Member and as a volunteer with the organization.  She always contributed well thought-out recommendations and worked tirelessly to help those in need.


The third trait, compassion, was demonstrated numerous times, as she gave her time and energy to the benefit of those coming out of prison, as well as working with individuals to prevent their incarceration. 


I am happy to have met Alayna and to have worked with her closely for several years.  She is an asset to any organization or project she joins." 

Bobby Anderson

Chair, Board of Directors

FailSafe ERA

"I have known Alayna for 5 years, and during those five years I have watched the dreams of my vision board become a reality. Before meeting Alayna, I was stuck. Stuck in my business and stuck in my personal growth.

I first sat down with Alayna as an entrepreneur wanting to move my business forward. Alayna didn't hold back. She asks the right questions and isn't afraid to be direct. 

In fact, I wouldn't be where I am today without Alayna helping me to think outside the box, believing in me enough to push me to do things I never imagined, and making my dreams a reality. I was particularly impressed with Alayna's ability to get my wheels turning, make me think of things I’d never imagined, and to help me to move forward and never look back. I'll always remember and give her credit for giving me the nudge I needed to publish my first book. 

I believe that Alayna has the background and experience to make your businesss soar and your dreams become a reality!"   Ariel S.

"Your great coaching and leadership has been instrumental in the success of FailSafe-ERA in many ways.  


When we were at a crossroads with the coming of our 10 year goal, your coaching and board facilitation during our board formation was on point and resulted in three new board members that are making a great impact on the strategic focus of FailSafe-ERA and our community.  


For our 10th Annual Black Tie Affair, your great speaking and leadership as Mistress of Ceremonies allowed our event to flow flawlessly and we far exceeded our goals.  Thank you and you are awesome!!!"  Juanita S

"ABOVE AND BEYOND the best candles I have ever used. Thanks, Friend."

Leeanne C

Working with Alayna is truly a wonderful experience.


I wanted to be able to leave my full time career to launch my passion with my semi precious gemstone jewelry brand.  After my first conversation with Alayna, she was truly gifted in being able to discern where my strengths and weaknesses and helped me create a plan.


The plan propelled my business to a new level of income because I followed her recommendations. I can't recommend her highly enough!! ❤.   Shannon M. 

"A.D.S. Coaching & Mentoring LLC changed my life forever. Alayna Stiffler not only led me step by step through the process of starting a successful LLC but she also helped me believe I could be successful. 
Filled with self-doubt, I didn’t think I was capable of doing the work set before me, let alone running my own business. Three years later, my business is thriving, and I’m serving customers all over the United States. 
I’ve been recognized as a high-capacity young adult leader by John Chandler, the founder of Uptick, and selected to participate in the Uptick emerging leaders cohort for young Christian entrepreneurs this year. 
Because of Alayna, not only am I able to stay at home with my children and provide for my family for the rest of my life, but I’ve also been able to start an additional ministry and business ventures.

Thank you A.D.S. Coaching & Mentoring LLC. You changed my life forever!"     Brittany H.

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