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Fundraising Season is Here!

Fundraising season is here and thank you for the questions and referrals. I ordered 875 order forms and will probably be ordering the next set of order forms very soon.

Here is what fundraising does for you.

  • Helps families with out of pocket expenses for extracurricular activities including school clubs.

  • Helps organizations raise funds for a cause or event.

  • Helps non-profits with extra funds for their mission.

  • Helps school raise money for students, supplies, trips, programs and more. The list is endless.

  • Helps churches with mission trips, benevolence fund, ministries, retreats and more.

  • Helps children with teambuilding. Participating in a fundraising and setting a team goal together helps them feel included and they learn the action of teamwork.

Fundraising does not stop when the fundraiser ends and the sellers receive their profits and the buyers receive their candles.

  • The buyers are receiving a non toxic candle that is family and pet safe.

  • The buyers are purchasing their product from a small town, family owned business in Pennsylvania.

  • The buyer is supporting an organization, school, family, friend, church, student that has set a goal and is working hard to achieve it.

  • The buyer is receiving a product that is Made in the USA and the components used to produce are primarily from USA vendors.

  • The buyer is helping to support people who genuinely want to work. They are grateful to be employed and able to support their families.

What does Fundraising do for me?

  • I have no guilt introducing a candle and asking someone to burn it in their home.

  • I get to meet new people and sometimes recognize names from a previous fundraiser or party. Always nice to include a note.

  • I don’t make much with fundraisers, because I am choosing to give them the maximum profits of $8 per candle, but I thoroughly enjoy the reward of being able to tell an organization how much they have earned.

  • I love helping people and organizations raise funds with an easy product. One product, 15 fragrances, one price, one profit. It so simple and people don’t have to flip through pages of a brochure trying to find something to buy when they really don’t want any of it because their know the quality of it.

I don't take my fundraisers lightly. I pour myself into them with making sure each order has a label on the candle, burning instructions, matches the order and there are no cracks or damage to a jar.

If you know of someone that needs a fundraiser, wants to support a fundraiser or is looking for a way to help meet a goal, please refer them to me. Their goals are just as important as my goals and I want everyone to be able to succeed.


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